Bleep Winter Design Seriest

Bleep commissioned 4 of their favourite designers
to create a circular design as part of their winter design
series 2014. The designs were printed across gift cards,
t-shirts and tote bags.

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Simian Mobile Disco

Directed alongside Hans Lo.
Technology by Artists & Engineers.

Video for Tangents, from Simian Mobile Disco's album 'Whorl'.
Video was made by feeding content through an oscilloscope using
custom software. This was then filmed and edited back inside of the
computer. This system was used to generate all imagery for the album
campaign, including a live visuals show performed using the oscilloscope.

Simian Mobile Disco

A creative collaboration with DesignStudio.

Direction and Production DesignStudio
Art Direction Jamie Thompson and Jack Featherstone
Direction Jamie Thompson

Design Studio team:
Eva Nazarova,
Foad Shah,
Hadrien Malinjod
James Greenfield,
Jamie Thompson,
Javi Marti,
Julien Simshauser,
Miguel Rodrigues,
Nikolay Kulishev,
Paul Carpenter,
Shin Hye-Lee

Luke Abbott
Wysing Forest
Border Community Records

Art direction and design.

Photography by Katherine Mager with assistance from Paul Grace.

Record studio shots by Bleep.
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T-shirt design for Bleep's 10th anniversary.

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